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Lean Designs Rule in 2011

Say good bye to slow loading, large FLASH sites – thank goodness!  I never saw the point in such a bandwidth hog website.  Thankfully, with the heavy usage of mobile and tablet users, simple and fastloading websites are in demand again.  At Notchnet, we always specialized in fast-loading, optimized, standard-compliant websites and built our business on that value.  I still have friends and colleagues suffering with dial-up Internet Access!  It is so hard to believe in this high-tech, global market that we still have rural areas without Internet Access.    But regardless of how fast the Internet is, it is all about usability.  Web visitors want easy-to-use websites that give them the information or products they are looking for quickly.  It’s easy to let the design rule in the “web design” process and forget a website is primarily a  communication tool.  Keep the who/what/where/action steps easy to find on every page and you’re customers will appreciate it – hopefully with orders!

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